Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics

Description: Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics
Duration: 1 year
NFQ Level: Level 8
Brochure: Download Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics brochure

The analysis and interpretation of data to address the problems of business and society is an area experiencing massive growth. Diverse areas such as insurance, retail, sports, finance, pharmaceutical and government are all looking for people with skills in analysing ‘big data’ to help them make more informed decisions.

The course will furnish students with skills to enter the world of data analytics through building a foundation of strong statistical knowledge, developing problem-solving skills for business analysis, and helping you understand and use business data to deliver better decision making. This higher diploma will give you technical skills in statistics, programming, database management and web mining in addition to business skills such as business analysis that will help you make an impact in a wide range of roles. Students undertaking this course will be exposed to a variety of programming languages/tools that may include R, Python, SPSS, Excel, Weka, RapidMiner and SQL.

This course is funded under the Springboard+ initiative, click the tab below for more information.

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