MSc in Data Analytics

Course Instance ID: 479349288
Description: MSc in Data Analytics
Duration: 1 year
NFQ Level: Level 9
Brochure: Download MSc in Data Analytics brochure

The overall goal of the MSc in Data Analytics programme is to provide graduates with essential research and development skills in Data Analytics. It is envisaged that graduates from this programme will be well equipped to perform independent research that enables them to make informed and critical decisions regarding requirements elicitation and analysis, implementation, evaluation, and documentation in Data Analytics. Furthermore, the programme seeks to produce graduates who are able to provide insight, gain value and discover knowledge (at an organisational, societal, or personal level) from data through exercising the skills that are developed through the programmes.

The course structure accommodates a wide audience of learners whose specific interests in data analytics may be either technically focused or business focused. The course will be delivered using academic research, industry-defined practical problems, and case studies. This approach will naturally foster a deeper knowledge of the subject area and create transferable skills for work such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creative thinking, communication, teamwork, and research skills. The course is completely delivered by faculty and industry practitioners with proven expertise in data analytics.

Location Start Date
IFSC Campus 16/09/2024 Apply Now
IFSC Campus 20/01/2025 Apply Now

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