MSc in Fintech

Description: MSc in Fintech
Duration: 1 year
NFQ Level: Level 9

Finance, stereotypically is seen as a highly regulated industry dominated by banks that resist disruption and change. However, finance is now riding an entrepreneurial wave due to an influx of highly available and powerful computing resources and electronic services, accessible forms of data analytics, and disruptive technologies like Bitcoin, WePay and Kickstarter. This course will provide you with the latest knowledge and competencies at the intersection of finance and technology; the rapidly evolving area that is fintech.

NCI is perfectly placed to deliver an industry-focused programme inspired by its location at the heart of the International Financial Services Centre. The course is completely delivered by faculty and industry practitioners with established experience in the fintech domain.

Course details

Who is the course for?

This interdisciplinary course will appeal to graduates of finance, computing and business seeking to enter the area of fintech; and industry practitioners seeking to gain insightful experience and exposure to the fintech domain and its associated areas of, for example, data analytics, electronic services, e-cash, as well as related future and emerging technologies.

As a graduate of this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge and skills in the core topics of fintech including:

• Data governance and compliance
• Data analysis and data visualisation
• Quantitative modelling and simulation
• Cybersecurity and IT auditing
• Big data analytics
• High level as well as deep financial analysis
• Contemporary research topics 

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