MSc in Non-Profit Management

Description: MSc in Non-Profit Management
Duration: 2 years
NFQ Level: Level 9
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The MSc in Non-Profit Management is an applied programme, aimed at improving managerial competencies at a senior level in non-profit organisations. The course combines academic theory and research evidence with practitioner-led knowledge and skills.

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IFSC Campus

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The programme is underpinned by three pillars, namely: (i) core management knowledge and skills, (ii) knowledge and skills specific to the non-profit sector and (iii) skills of research and analysis.

The core knowledge which extends across the business domain includes: economics, finance, strategy and law. These allow students to develop and enhance their management competencies. Specifically, graduates will be provided with the skillset to resolve real-life management challenges and personally develop into strong and confident leaders and mentors.

The non-profit pillar ensures that graduates of the programme are provided with a comprehensive understanding of the key specialist knowledge and skills required by senior managers and leaders of non-profit organisations.

The final pillar is that of research. The research element of the course directs students to contemporary challenges and problems in the sector in Ireland or overseas.

Overall this course seeks to ensure graduates develop their personal competencies as well as the critical thinking, analytical and management skills necessary for modern non-profit organisations and enterprises. At the core of the programme is the objective to ensure that graduates become effective managers and reflective, thoughtful leaders who collaborate, create and share knowledge in order to deal with the complexities of the non-profit sector.

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