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Fundraising for ELI

To date, we have raised €1 million towards our target. This income has come from the generous support of companies from within the IFSC/Docklands community, concerned individuals and state funding.

100% of our fundraised income is directly invested back into our services.

Since 2006/07, we have operated as a pilot programme. In that time, we have been successful but, as our earliest participants advance and mature, so must the ELI. Over the next five years, we will embark on an ambitious but necessary five year plan to increase the scope and scale of the ELI in order to reach more children who need our help.

To achieve our plans we anticipate the need to invest over €3,250,000 in ELI programmes over a five year period. Only 20% of this funding will be secured from statutory sources. The balance must be raised from the private sector - individuals, companies and foundations.

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