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Docklands Early Years Numeracy Project

In 2011, ELI was awarded funding under National Early Years Access Initiative (NEYAI) to develop an Early Years Numeracy project. The 'Docklands Early Numeracy Project' is one of 11 innovative demonstration projects, which will influence early years policy and programmes at local, regional and national level. The project is funded by the Department of Education and Skills, Department of Children and Youth Affairs, Mount St Club Trustees, The Atlantic Philanthropies and Pobal.

The 'Docklands Early Numeracy Project' aims to improve Early years Numeracy skills in the Dublin Docklands area. Our long term vision is that children will experience consistency in the development of their early numeracy skills from 0-6 years of age, as we raise awareness of the role that family, ECCE settings, primary schools and the wider community can play in promoting successful learning through working together.


  • The numeracy levels of children in the Docklands will be on a par with the national norms
  • Children in the Docklands will experience a seamless development of their numeracy skills from 0-6
  • Parents will have an understanding of their children’s development in Mathematics and be able to monitor their children’s progress
  • Parenting strategies, personal skills and involvement of the parents in their children’s education, particularly in numeracy, will be improved
  • Quality of practice in Early childhood Care and Education settings will improve as a result of this programme. The primary areas of focus in this area will be implementation of the Síolta and Aistear frameworks, the teaching of numeracy, assessing and monitoring young children's progress, and in using assessment information to inform the next steps for learners
  • Increased awareness throughout the community of the role that community, family and school can play in promoting successful learning, particularly in early numeracy
  • In the long term, participation in higher education by the local population within the Docklands will have increased.

Project Description

A range of events and activities for children aged 0-6 will take place on a community-wide basis, facilitating challenging and enjoyable Early Numeracy learning opportunities. This will be done through the provision of an integrated programme of Early Numeracy focused activities for children from birth to 6 years, and training and support for parents and ECCE educators.

Children, parents, staff in the local community childcare centres and infant classes in primary schools, along with the Public Health Nurses and Parent Child Home Programme (PCHP) Home Visitors will be working with ELI to develop a programme to improve children’s (0-6 years) numeracy and mathematical skills. Over the next three years, children and their families and educators will be taking part in all kinds of fun Maths activities at home and at school/ECCE settings such as games, number hunts, storytelling and outdoor play sessions. There will be workshops for parents and families to help them in their role as the primary educator and to facilitate their children’s early mathematical learning. In addition, there will be early numeracy focused professional development opportunities for ECCE staff , which will be linked to the Síolta and Aistear Frameworks.

The 'Docklands Early Numeracy Project' is an exciting and innovative approach to working in partnership with children, parents, educators and the wider community in the Docklands on this project.

If you would like further information on this project, please contact please Programme Coordinator Brigina O'Riordan on 01 4498635 or email brigina.oriordan@ncirl.ie.

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