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Information for the Host College or Centre in the Placement

National College of Ireland runs the Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching (Further Education Track) as a teacher accreditation course recognised by the Teaching Council in accordance with Section 38 of the Teaching Council Act, 2001 and Regulation Five of the Teaching Council (Registration) Regulations 2009.

The Practicum in Teaching for Further Education (referred to as the placement) is an essential element of this course as it provides student teachers with opportunities to learn their profession within an authentic setting. The Placement forms an integral part of the course where student teachers are required to demonstrate that they have achieved the appropriate level of competence in the practice of teaching. This requires that the student teacher is enabled and supported to gradually assume the role and responsibilities associated with the further education teaching profession.

The co-operation of host colleges/centres is an important aspect of the running of this course and the information as set out here is intended to provide assurances on what is required and the supports and safe guards in place and to outline the benefits of such co-operation.

Why should a host college/centre support student teacher placements?

  • It is an opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of the further education sector through involvement in the formation of future teacher professionals.
  • Student teachers are willing participants to support many of the activities that take place in support of learning.
  • Student teachers will work alongside your existing teaching staff and enhance the community of educational practice.
  • Student teachers may be a source of fresh ideas and new energy in the workplace.
  • Teacher development strategies such as team teaching, mentoring and provisional teaching may be adopted for on-going professional development.
  • Participating schools, colleges and centres will be invited to participate in professional development events on the theme of Furthering Education that take place from time to time in National College of Ireland.
  • Placements help to promote and reinforce a lifelong learning culture within an organisation through links with National College of Ireland and to encourage staff to mentor student teachers.
  • Student teachers will be supported throughout their placement.

What is required of the host college/centre?

  • Provide the student teacher with Placement that facilitates fulfilment of the requirements of the programme (as 30 hours teaching observation, 35 hours team teaching and 65 hours provisional teaching).
  • Facilitate the Mentoring Teaching – who is an employee of the host college/centre - to work with the student teacher and to facilitate the transition through the stages from observation to team teaching to provisional teaching.
  • Facilitate site visits spot checks by the Placement Tutor for National College of Ireland and other staff involved in the Programme.
  • Agree with the student teacher as follows (i) Schedule of Activities for the Observation Phase (ii) Schedule of Activities for the Team Teaching Phase and (iii) Teaching Plan/Schedule of Activities for the Provisional Teaching Phase.
  • Provide appropriate induction in compliance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and make the student teacher aware of workplace policies and procedures as appropriate.
  • Notify the NCI’s Placement Tutor or the course director of any problems, in particular of any aspects of student teacher performance that are unsatisfactory.

What are the responsibilities of student teachers to their host colleges or centres?

  • Student teachers are expected to act in a professional manner and in keeping with the Code of Professional Standards as set out by the Teaching Council 2.
  • Student teachers are expected to adhere to all policies and procedures at the host college/centre and to obey instructions given to them by the Principal, Deputy Principal and Mentoring Teacher.
  • Student teachers are expected to inform the host college or centre of any unexpected absence due to illness or exceptional circumstance in a timely manner and in keeping with local procedures.
  • Student teachers are expected to conform to the appropriate dress code and institutional policies on social networking and public behaviour.
  • All student teachers participating on the placement will require Garda Vetting.
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