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Graduation FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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Checklist for conferring day

To help make your day an enjoyable and memorable occasion for both you and your guest, please note the following:

  • Neat dress: Neat dress is essential.
  • Invitations: Carry your own invitation ticket and ensure that your guests carry their own invitation ticket.
  • Good financial standing: You must have paid all fees and cleared all debts to the College in order to graduate.
  • Academic Robes: Collect Academic Robes from clearly signposted rooms in the CCD.
  • Guests: Show your guests their entry point and ask them to enter 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.
  • Assembly point. You need to be at the assembly point in full academic dress one hour before the ceremony is due to begin. You will be told of the assembly point when you register on the day.

Can I postpone my conferring?

No. It is not possible to postpone one's conferring. All awards must be conferred at the conferring ceremony designated for that particular class.

How early should I arrive?

Graduands need to be robed and in a designated area one hour before the graduation ceremony is due to begin. You need to allow additional time for car parking and robing – we recommend that you arrive 2 hours before your allocated ceremony time.

Guests should arrive no later than 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.

Please note that ceremonies will not be delayed for late-comers.

Where can I collect my gown?

The robing room will be open on the morning of graduation. All sizes and heights will be catered for. Please remember that it is your responsibility to return your robes before you leave. 

Can I request additional tickets?

No. Every graduand will receive invitations to bring two guests to the conferring ceremony. Unfortunately the college cannot meet requests for extra tickets. Please do not telephone to request additional tickets as these requests cannot be processed.

Is there photography/framing service?

The official commercial photographers and framers for National College of Ireland are Lafayette Photography Ltd. Lafayette Photography will have indoor studios at the CCD, on the day of the conferrings. A brochure for Lafayette Photographers will be included in the information pack sent to graduands prior to conferring. Photographs and frames may be booked in advance by post or online at www.lafayette.ie. Photographs can be taken either before or after the ceremony. An area for photography will be clearly signposted.

Please note National College of Ireland is not responsible for handling individual bookings.

What happens if I cannot attend my conferring?

If a graduand is unable to attend his/her conferring ceremony, the award will be conferred in absentia. The degree testimonium can be collected from the Student Services department from the 5th December 2016. Should you require your parchment to be sent by registered post, this will need to be requested from the Student Services Department on (01) 44 98 753. A fee of €10 will apply to any request for registered post. Please inform us if you have changed address.

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