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International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

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When do I apply for an Irish study visa and what do I need?

It is advisable to start the application and visa process at least 6 months prior to your course commencement date.  If your application to NCI has been successful you will receive an Initial Offer letter from National College of Ireland . When your fees have been paid in full NCI will supply you with a Final Offer letter. When you have received this letter you will be able to apply for your study visa.

Please note that in some Provinces in the PR China it may not be necessary to pay your fees until after you have been issued with a study visa in principal.  Please contact the Irish Visa Office in Beijing for more information about this. 

How long will it take to process my application?

The International Office will be in contact with you within 5 working days of receiving your application. It is important that you supply us with an e-mail address or fax number in order to ensure that we can communicate with you as quickly as possible regarding the status of your application.

When should I apply?

As a general rule we would suggest that you apply for your course at least six months before the date you are expected to arrive at National College of Ireland.

What can I do to make my application more likely to succeed?

Please take the time to complete your application fully and write clearly. Do not send your application until you have gathered all of the required documentation together. If you send us incomplete information we will not be able to process your application and there will be significant delays. Please contact us at international@ncirl.ie  before you send your application if you are having difficulties with the application procedure.

What standard of English do I need?

English language entry level requirements for National College of Ireland are available from the entry requirements section of the International Section.


How do I pay my fees?

All fees paid from abroad must be paid by Bank Transfer. Details will be sent to you with your Initial Offer Letter.

What courses can I choose?

Providing that you meet the necessary entry requirements you can apply for any of the full-time courses that are offered by NCI.

Can I study part time?

No.  Under Irish Government regulations, as an International student you can only study on a full-time basis. This means that you must complete a minimum of 15 hours scheduled contact time per week in order to be eligible to apply for a student visa. Please see the following Department of Justice web site for more information.

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