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FAQs: Insurance

2.1 The health insurance included in this course fees?
No, the insurance has to be purchased separately. O’ Driscoll O’Neil Insurance offers insurance for NCI students for €120. Link to their website http://www.odon.ie/nci.aspx. But you can buy the insurance from another company, if you prefer.

2.2 How to buy Medical Insurance?
It is a requirement under Irish Government Regulations that each International Student must have Medical Health Insurance.
You can buy the Medical Insurance at www.odon.ie/nci/.
You will be asked to enter the following information:
1. Student Number
2. Name
3. Gender
4. Date of Birth
5. Email Address
6. Cover Start Date
7. Nationality

Once this information is entered the final step is to enter your payment details with a Debit or Credit Card.

2.3 When will I receive the Insurance Certificate?
Once all the information has been entered and the payment has been cleared you will automatically receive an email receipt.

The insurance Certificate will be sent to you by email within three working days.

2.4 Am I covered if I travel to Europe with Medicover Insurance?
Yes, the Insurance Policy includes medical cover for students in Europe for up to 14 days. This covers any trips or holidays to the UK or Continental Europe while students are based in Ireland as a Student or on a Graduate Visa.

2.5 What does Medicover Insurance policy cover me for?
It covers you for medical expenses incurred while you are staying in Ireland. It also covers personal liability and repatriation abroad if needed.

2.6 Does Medicover Insurance cover me for hospital visits?
It will cover you for all medical expenses but if you need to attend a hospital you should make contact with the emergency assistance line. Their number is 014401762.

2.7 If I want to fly home because I feel unwell will Medicover Insurance pay for this?
No, it will only pay for you to fly home if the doctors you see confirm that you need to fly home and this is pre-approved by the emergency assistance company, who can be contacted at 01 4401762.

2.8 Does Medicover Insurance cover me if I go on holiday while studying?
Yes, your insurance will cover you but only throughout Europe and only for a maximum of 14 days.

2.9 Will Medicover Insurance cover me if I have an illness before I travel?
No, your insurance will only pay for unforeseen illness and/or accidents. If you have a condition before you travel and need to get treatment because of this you will not be covered for those expenses by this policy.

2.10 Does Medicover Insurance cover me for dental expenses?
Medicover Insurance will cover dental expenses but only following an accident and only for treatment within 48 hours of the injury.


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