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When you are not studying

It is important that you allow yourself some free time when not studying to pursue one or two other interests. There are a wide range of activities to become involved in at NCI including:

Students’ Union:

As a registered NCI student, you have full membership to the Student Union. The SU is located in the basement of the main building. If you have missed the sign up day for clubs and societies, then we would suggest you visit the SU and talk to the respective people in-charge of the various clubs and societies. The SU would be more than happy to take you on board. They are always organizing great events during the year, you can follow them on Facebook at NCISU.

Student clubs and societies:

To get the most from your experience as a student, you are strongly encouraged to get involved in the various clubs and societies at NCI. The Sign up Day for the Clubs & Societies is during the Fresher’s Week in September. 

Any student can set up their own society or club, the SU Clubs & Societies Officer will be happy to guide thorough the setting up process.

International Friendship Society:

The IFS aims to promote integration between international and national students by creating events throughout the year. The IFS is also in charge of organizing international celebrations as the Diwali, Chinese New Year and Holi Festival. You can follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NCI.International/timeline.


SV Fitness’s membership is free for all international students, to get access to the gym for the first time you need a letter from the International Office, you will receive this letter on your meeting with the International Peer Mentors.

 The SV Fitness Gym offers a variety of classes, excellent equipment and facilities. Find out more at: www.svfitness.com

During your weekends or holidays

As well as what NCI can offer you in your spare time, you can also check Dublin’s vibrant nightlife, shopping facilities and a range of cultural opportunities. For some great ideas on things to do in Dublin, why not visit lovindublin.com or visitdublin.com 


Another way to spend your free time and get to meet new people is by volunteering. In Dublin you can find a wide range of non-profit organizations that need a helping hand from animal welfare to organizing events in the city as the St Patrick’s Day Parade. You can find volunteering opportunities at http://www.volunteer.ie/  

Meet Ups

A great way of meeting people outside college is by signing up to meetups.com. In this website you can find a wide range of groups that meet once a week, daily or monthly. There are groups for new people in Dublin called “New and Not so New in Dublin”, this group is quite popular and holds meeting every week, and there are also groups for people that want to learn new languages or even for those who want something more adventurous as hiking or kayaking. Website: http://www.meetup.com/

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