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Dr Alba González-Cebrián Featured on Science Uncovered: Europe’s Leading Scientific Publication

At National College of Ireland, the Cloud Competency Centre team are delighted to share their research. Discussing progressive, groundbreaking ideas creates an exciting, collaborative atmosphere on campus. On July 9th, 2024, Dr Alba González-Cebrián featured on’s Science Uncovered series. 

In April 2024, the Cloud Competency Centre at National College of Ireland proudly contributed to the prestigious Nature Portfolio. This innovative research, led by Dr González-Cebrián, in collaboration with Professors Michael Bradford, Adriana E. Chis, and Horacio González-Vélez, introduces a novel framework for the standardised versioning of datasets. This framework not only enhances the reusability and recognition of datasets but also ensures their seamless integration into various workflows, aligning perfectly with the FAIR principles of Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability.

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Following this publication, Dr Alba González-Cebrián was invited to take part in’s Science Uncovered series. Since going online in 2001, has gone from being Ireland’s number one resource for science and technology news with countless awards to its name, to one of the leading online publications in Europe with 250,000 sessions each month. The Science Uncovered series aims to profile diverse researchers across the scientific disciplines.

We are delighted that Dr González-Cebrián participated in this series. It is an incredible achievement and taking part in this impressive series allowed Dr González-Cebrián to discuss, in more detail, her academic journey and her progressive studies. It is a fascinating, insightful piece because of how Dr González-Cebrián invites readers to understand how she came to her current research. She also credits those who have supported her along the way.

The piece is not just about the research itself, but it also highlights the wonder, the curiosity, and the joy that Dr González-Cebrián finds in her thirst for knowledge as well as discussing how ideas and research thrive in collaborative environments. 


“I am not a fan of that extreme individualism; I prefer collaboration and camaraderie. Mutual support is better for us and for the research.” ~ Dr Alba González-Cebrián


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Here at National College of Ireland, we want to congratulate Dr Alba González-Cebrián on a fantastic feature, and we extend our thanks to Rebecca Graham and the rest of the Team.