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COVID-19 update: NCI programme delivery 2021

Item updated on 31st March 2021, originally published 10th February 2021

NCI courses are accredited through Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). Due to COVID-19 restrictions, programmes are operating under QQI alternative arrangements for teaching, learning and assessment, which facilitates online delivery. It has been confirmed that these alternative arrangements for online delivery and alternative assessment have been approved by QQI for the duration of the next academic year 2021/2022.

Therefore, should public health advice require it, all courses at NCI will continue to be delivered in an online mode and students have the reassurance that these arrangements and the programmes of learning have been fully accredited.

If you are a new full-time postgraduate or full-time undergraduate student at NCI this September 2021 or January 2022, subject to the latest health advice, your course will be delivered in both an online mode of delivery and in a face to face, on-campus mode.

For part-time students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level courses will commence in an online mode of delivery. Depending on your part-time programme, some on-campus delivery may be timetabled as your course progresses so you should be prepared to return to campus at some point.

Students should note that it is a requirement that all students applying to NCI have access to a laptop and suitable broadband connection that will allow them to attend classes online. Some students may be able to avail of the Laptop Loan Scheme.

For some programmes, NCI is seeking revalidation to allow fully online delivery to continue even beyond the current QQI alternative arrangements. This will mean that certain courses may, subject to approval, remain fully online for their duration. These courses will be highlighted to new learners at application. In accordance with QQI accreditation arrangements, fully online delivery methods are open to in-country learners based in Ireland only.