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Put your heart into NCI

Already aware of I HEART NCI? Here's how to send us your ❤

Images of crocheted hearts

Kathleen Frith, Senior Timetabling Specialist at National College of Ireland, is a knitter and stitcher. In non-pandemic times, she runs a staff crafting group, which meets once a month at lunchtime, where colleagues can chat while working on their latest projects, sharing tips and patterns, including a range of makers of different abilities from beginner to expert.

“I very much missed this group when pandemic restrictions first kicked in. But then we adjusted to remote working and started meeting online, and still very much enjoyed the sense of making and creating together,” explains Kathleen.

“When a call went out to be part of a Staff Engagement Committee, I volunteered straightaway – I had a plan for engagement: to yarn-bomb NCI with love hearts!!"

Kathleen got to work herself, as did the regular members of the Knit and Stitch Group, but this project – I HEART NCI - is bigger than any one group.

“Each knitted, crocheted or sewn heart will represent the staff member or student that made it. Displayed all together the hearts will be a visual representation of the NCI Community, at a time when we are unable to physically gather in person.

“The plan is to have all hearts submitted by the end of July and then we can begin our fabric art installation, with a view to it being ready before the start of Semester 1 in September, and it will remain in place through to May. We may not have a full return to campus activity, but the colour and thought of I HEART NCI will fill the Atrium with a warm welcome for the many who attend on-site as COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift.”

Even beginners can help build this yarn bomb, as these sewing, crochet (small heart, medium heart) and knitting tutorials demonstrate.

“We are hoping that many members of the NCI community take part - and get their families involved!”

if your family is part of any of NCI's Early Learning Initiative programmes, ELI has created a special craft pack to provide you with all you need to participate, contact to arrange collection.

Finally, Kathleen asks, “Once you have crafted your colourful heart, in rainbow bright or subtle pastel, whatever your favourite colour or mix of many, please complete this form, granting us permission to use your hearts, and photograph them, and generally celebrate the inclusion of your work in this art installation. If anyone has any queries, they can contact me directly at

We look forward to sharing images of I HEART NCI this coming September ❤❤❤