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COVID-19 update: NCI programme delivery 2021

As we move into the 2021/22 academic year, we are hopeful of increased time on-campus, in line with health guidelines and DFHERIS (Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science) advice.

We will initially be prioritising on-campus classroom time for full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students, who will also have some online classes in this coming academic year.

Part-time programmes will be offered in an online or blended mode for 2021/22. This will mean that there may be some opportunities to meet with classmates on campus, which will be notified well in advance, but most of the part-time courses content will be delivered in an online mode.

Full-Time Students:

If you are a new or continuing full-time student at undergraduate or postgraduate level, subject to the latest health advice the following will apply:

  • All full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students will be timetabled for up to 2 days per week on campus. This will be for group learning events, such as labs and tutorials, and other opportunities for you to meet with your classmates in smaller groups, to permit adherence to social distancing and capacity restrictions.
  • Your timetable will group on-campus events together, to facilitate travel and other arrangements.
  • You will also be timetabled for some online learning events. For example, larger group lectures will be held online. You may also have some tutorials or smaller group events scheduled online. This is to allow us to control the overall number of students on campus at any one time.
  • Your timetable will integrate on-campus and online learning events, so that in the event of restrictions increasing or decreasing, your classes will still take place at the same time, even if the delivery method changes.

Part-Time Students:

If you are a new or continuing part-time student at undergraduate or postgraduate level the following will apply:

  • All part-time programmes will be delivered in a blended or fully online mode for this full academic year 2021/22.
  • Some programmes will be fully online, as indicated in the prospectus.
  • Other blended programmes will have the majority of content online, with some on campus events that will be notified well in advance.
  • For courses longer than one academic year, NCI intends that programmes commencing predominantly online will continue to be delivered in this way for the two-year duration. However, online delivery for academic year 2022/23 is subject to QQI approval, which the College is actively pursuing.

College Life

  • From July 26th, booking systems will be available for you to secure on-campus study spaces and access to hard copy textbooks. Online library resources and assistance will remain available at all times.
  • Student Supports will continue to operate online, with some in-person services by prior arrangement.
  • The College is working with the Students’ Union to recommence in-person Clubs and Societies activities, in accordance with health guidelines.

Laptop and Internet

Students should note that it is a requirement that all students applying to NCI have access to a laptop and suitable internet connection that will allow them to attend classes online. Some students may be able to avail of the Laptop Loan Scheme. General minimum laptop requirements may not be sufficient for some computing programmes, where a higher spec may be required: you are advised to check your course page for specific details of these requirements.