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White paper published: Innovation Partnership Collaboration between NCI and Glantus Ltd.

In June this year, Dr Anu Sahni shared a recent innovation her research group has been working on to help the retail sector boost sales using recommender systems, and promised the publication of a white paper Innovation Partnership Collaboration between NCI and Glantus Ltd.

Dr Sahni would like to acknowledge all those in the NCI Research and NCI / DRIC Technology Transfer Teams and would like to extend special thanks to:
Dr Lawrence Lee, Manager, Innovation Partnership Programme, Enterprise Ireland (EI), for his excellent guidance and support;
the Enterprise Ireland IPP Team for having confidence and approving the project for funding;
Joe Keating, Chief Data Officer, Glantus Ltd., for bringing the project to NCI;
Geoff Keating, Chief Technology Officer, Glantus Ltd., for his technical supervision and allowing us to use it for teaching and research purpose;
and Marie O'Toole, Glantus Ltd., for keeping the project aligned to company requirement.

The white paper is available through the longer blog post, which explains the research in non-technical terms, or via this link here: Innovation Partnership Collaboration between NCI and Glantus Ltd.