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Antigen Testing available on campus for NCI staff and students

Please note: you should not attend the NCI campus if you have Covid symptoms!

National College of Ireland has contracted the Scottish Nursing Guild to provide antigen testing free of charge to NCI staff and students.

This walk-in service will be available in Room 1.06; initially from 9am-3pm (closed for lunch 1-1.30pm) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

No appointment is necessary – however, no more than three people will be permitted to wait at any given time, so you may be asked to come back later. The testing process is very quick, so you should not have to wait long. You may attend this service, even if you are not scheduled to be on-campus for a class or for any other appointment, so long as you observe protocol.

This test is for personal information only, with the prime purpose of prompting any individual who tests positive to engage directly with the HSE for a PCR test. No test is 100% accurate. All tests have limitations.

You must present your College ID to avail of this service. You will be asked some standard questions regarding allergies, etc., and you must formally consent to be tested – however, none of your data will be retained once your test results are through, and all information pertaining to your appointment will remain private.

Antigen tests use a swab to take a sample from your nose – note, this may feel uncomfortable. The sample does not need to go to a lab. Usually, you will have your test results within one hour.

You will receive verbal confirmation of your test results, you will not be given a digital or printed record of the test.

An antigen test will find the virus, if it is present, in most people who have symptoms. If your antigen test shows a positive response, you must self-isolate and make an appointment for a PCR test at a HSE COVID-19 centre. Continue to follow HSE advice before returning to campus.

The College will assess use of this service over the next few weeks, and reschedule according to demand.