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Semester 2 timetables are live

The Semester 2 2021/2022 Course Timetables are now live on the NCI Timetable web pageTimetables are subject to change and regular checking of programme timetables is recommended.

Blended Timetables
In Semester 2, Full Time timetables continue to be delivered in a blended mode and have a mixture of Remote and On Campus classes scheduled. For all classes that are being delivered remotely, this is indicated with the word “Remote” before the class type. For example “Remote Lec” or “Remote Tut”. With remotely delivered classes, no classroom will be attached to the class. For any class that is being delivered On Campus, it will have the usual class name, such as “Lec” and “Tut” and there will be a classroom attached to the class. The majority of Part Time timetables are online, although some part-time ime students will have occasional on-campus Saturday classes, indicated on the timetable by the classroom attached to the class.

MyTimetable App
The MyTimetable App has also been for all students, and they will now be able to view their personalised timetables in this app. School of Business tutorials and practicals commence in Week 2 of  the semester, and these classes will be added to the MyTimetable App by Friday 21 January. Students must be registered on their course for 48 hours before their MyTimetable App will be updated.

Microsoft Teams Events
Teams Events are being set up on a rolling basis and Lecturers and Students will start to see their Teams Calendars being updated with Events. We will send out a communication once all the Teams Events have all been completed. We are hoping to have all events set up by Friday 21 January. School of Business tutorials and practicals start a week later, and will be set up by Friday 28 January. Please keep in mind that students need to be fully registered for up to 48 hours before being able to access their Team Events.

You will find lots of useful information on the NCI Timetable web page. Here are some FAQs to help you quickly get back into gear for this semester:

Q. What if I can't see my classes in my Teams Calendar?
A. IT Support have provided a step-by-step guide to assist you in finding your classes in Teams. It is recommended that you check Teams at least 48 hours before your class starts.

Q. The course commences today and I have only registered yesterday or today: how can I access my class?
A. Students who are registered or pre-registered 48 hours before the course commences will be able to see their learning events in Teams. Unfortunately if you register later than that you may not be able to access your learning event until 48 hours has passed. You can access a recording of your missed learning event once your access has been enabled.

Q. What if I can't see my Module Page in Teams?
A. You need to be fully registered for 48 hours before your Teams Pages will be available. If you have been fully registered for 48 hours and your Teams Pages are not displaying, please log a ticket with the NCI Support Hub and our IT Team will be able to assist you.

NCI Support Hub contains the answers to many frequently asked questions, not just about timetables: search for your information you need first; if you cannot find what you need, raise a ticket with the relevant service.