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NCI research partnership with SIBM, Bangalore

report by Brenda de Azevedo

NCI international team meets with SIMB, Bangalore

From left to right, Apeksha Singh, Dr. Swarnalakshmi Umamaheswaran, Dr. Lavina Sharma, Prof Anuradha G, Dr. Vandita Dar, Dr. Bikramaditya Ghosh, Olivia Moss, Bhavana Purohit 

National College of Ireland (NCI)'s School of Computing and the Business School of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) in Bangalore have agreed a research partnership. 

This agreement creates a dynamic pathway to improve higher institutional research outcomes, envisioning collaboration between the faculty of both institutions for research publications. Other areas of shared interest include Faculty Development Programmes and mentoring in computing fields such as data science, data analytics, and more. 

Symbiosis, in the last five years, has had over 60 publications in SCOPUS and WoS listed journals. Since 2018, the institution has seen a significant rise in publications, and currently achieves an average faculty-to-publication ratio of over 3. Apart from this, some of SIBM faculty have also excelled in writing case-studies, a number of which have been featured by Harvard and Ivey Publishing. 

The partnership agreement is the work of, at NCI: Professor Jimmy Hill, Vice President Academic Affairs & Research; Dr Paul Stynes, Dean of the School of Computing; Olivia Moss, Director of International Department; and at SIMB: DR Madhvi Dethi, Professor and Director; Dr Vandita Dar, Associate Professor; and DR Swarnalakshmi Umamaheswaran, Assistant Professor. 

Dr Paul Stynes commented: “I’m very excited at the opportunity provided by this partnership agreement for collaboration between our two schools, and look forward to research wins for both institutes, as well the positive impact that research can have in generally progressing the field of computing and, at times, in contributing to the wider world we live in.” 

Future Collaboration Opportunities 

NCI’s team in India, led by International Director, Olivia Moss, had the opportunity to meet the SIBM research committee, Dr Vandita, Dr Swarnalakshmi and Dr Bikram, with Dr Lavina and Dr Anuradha from the internationalisation committee of SIMB. Together they discussed further collaboration possibilities, including student and faculty exchange, co-teaching and/or guest lecture opportunities. 

Olivia Moss said: “NCI has great relationships in India thanks to our team in the region. This partnership agreement with Symbiosis is an exciting next step to further strengthen our research expertise and relationships with our colleagues in SIBM. We look forward to welcoming students and faculty from Symbiosis to Dublin and for our students and staff to have the opportunity to travel and share ideas with our esteemed colleagues in SIBM.”

Professor Jimmy Hill added: “NCI is absolutely delighted to work closely with SIBM. This exciting new partnership agreement is an excellent foundation on which to build even greater academic success for the faculties and students of both institutions.”