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National College of Ireland welcomes Fr Peter McVerry SJ as an Honorary Fellow

Fr Peter McVerry SJ, NCI president Gina Quin, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe, Chair of NCI Governing Body Fr Leonard Moloney SJ and NCISU president Jennifer Treadwell

Photo: Sasko Lazarov, Photocall Ireland

Peter McVerry SJ has been made an Honorary Fellow of National College of Ireland (NCI) in recognition of his tireless work to combat poverty, addiction and homelessness. 

Fr Leonard Moloney SJ, Chair of NCI’s Governing Body said: 

“Fr Peter has given his all to practically assisting people out of homelessness, out of addiction, and to strong advocacy for those living in poverty, unafraid to speak truth to power, and able to back it up with the intellectual rigour that makes his message undeniable. He lives the very model of social justice, aligning directly with the founding ethos of NCI. National College of Ireland recognises his goodness, his wisdom, his persistence and his bravery and is proud to welcome him as an Honorary Fellow.” 

The conferring took place at the launch of the NCI’s Strategic Plan 2022-2027. Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe TD, commended NCI’s ambition, noting that it is informed and underpinned by core values of integrity, community and inclusion. Minister for Higher Education, Simon Harris TD, sent a video message expressing support for the College as it grows in pursuit of its mission ‘to change lives through education’. President of NCISU, Jennifer Treadwell, expressed her pride in being an NCI graduate and observed that the strategy continues to centre students and prioritise learner experience. 

NCI recently completed the purchase of a second building in the North East Inner City - West Wing, Block R, Spencer Dock. The College has been under significant pressure for space for a considerable number of years and the new building, which is just 300m from the front door of the existing Mayor Street campus, will add 5,600 square metres to NCI’s footprint in the IFSC and meet the immediate and medium term needs of students, staff and NCI’s Early Learning Initiative. It is intended to have the new building fully operational by September 2023. 

NCI President, Gina Quin, said: “Our campus expansion aligns with the six key priorities of our five-year strategic plan. This additional space provides a fantastic opportunity to deliver for our students, who will benefit from enhanced facilities; our staff, providing better working environments for all our activities; our teaching, through better classrooms and study spaces; our research, through expansion of our library footprint; and more access paths into education at an enhanced college campus, both for those that receive their higher education qualification  from NCI and for the families and children that are served by our Early Learning Initiative . The expanded Campus will continue to allow NCI to focus on its unique positioning as a distinctive education provider in Higher Education. 

“We cannot wait to make this new space our own, extending the warmth and welcome of NCI into Spencer Dock, in a move that will have a positive impact on the whole of the NEIC community.”