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ELI in the final 'stretch' of the Irish Healthcare Centre Awards 2023

Ciara and Ramona - Stretch Graduate Programme - ELI at NCI

CIara and Ramona, who work on the Stretch Graduate Home Visiting Programme.

The Early Learning Initiative (ELI) at NCI has been shortlisted for the 2023 Irish Healthcare Centre Awards in the Child Health & Wellbeing - Community / Outpatient Setting category.

The Stretch Graduate Home Visiting Programme is one of ELI’s newest research-based programme that focuses on our community's most vulnerable families with children aged between 4 and 6 years old. As a prevention and intervention programme, its aims are to

  • increase the parent’s skills and confidence regarding their children’s holistic development
  • enhance positive parenting practices and family wellbeing
  • increase children’s school readiness and transition
  • build a strong base for long-term life success

The programme has two main components: children’s needs and parents’ needs, while focusing on the family as a whole. 

A spokeswoman for the awards said: "We received an unprecedented number of applications this year and it was perhaps our toughest year to date! To those of you who made the shortlist, congratulations, you made it through one of the hardest judging processes we have had."

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