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Education in Ireland and South Asian Education Consultants Visit National College of Ireland

National College of Ireland welcomes Education in Ireland and South Asia Education Consultants Delegation, Dublin, Ireland – 25th September 2023

National College of Ireland (NCI), strategically located in the heart of Dublin’s Financial District (IFSC) and Europe’s Tech Hub (Silicon Docks), renowned for its excellence in higher education, recently welcomed a group of South Asian Education Consultants for an immersive familiarisation trip to showcase the exceptional opportunities offered to international students. The aim of the visit was to promote Ireland as a destination for studying abroad and showcase the available programmess and services at NCI.

During the visit, NCI staff engaged in comprehensive discussions, providing keen insights into why NCI stands out as a top choice for international students seeking an academic experience abroad. The visit also allowed the delegation to gain an in-depth understanding of NCI's School of Computing, School of Business, International Supports, and Career Development and Employability Service.

"At NCI, we firmly believe in providing a world-class education that nurtures future global leaders, empowering them to succeed in their chosen fields. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to showcase NCI's unique offerings and our position on the higher education landscape. The visit reinforced our commitment to bringing the best educational opportunities to international students from every part of the globe," said Professor Jimmy Hill, Vice President of Academic Affairs & Research. 

NCI’s School of Computing

The School of Computing at NCI is renowned for its cutting-edge curriculum, equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the rapidly evolving technology sector. "NCI’s School of Computing programmes in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing and Fintech, developed in close consultation with industry experts, equip graduates with the necessary skills to become technological innovators and impact the ever-changing digital landscape.," said Professor Paul Stynes, Dean of the School of Computing.

NCI’s School of Business

The School of Business at NCI offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management and more. "Supported by experienced faculty and a strong industry network, graduates emerge as confident and adaptable professionals, equipped to meet the challenges of the global business world," commented Professor Colette Darcy, Dean of the School of Business.

International Student Supports

NCI's award-winning International Support Team provide a broad range of services to facilitate a seamless transition for international students to Ireland and NCI. The Pre-Arrival Programme, Welcome Programme and ongoing semester activties are designed to help students settle into college life, meet new people, and integrate into Irish culture. This holistic approach fosters a welcoming environment and ensures that students feel supported and included even before they arrive in Ireland.

Career and Development and Employability Service

NCI's award-winning Career Development and Employability Service is designed to facilitate students as they transition from education to employment by developing employability skills required to thrive in their chosen careers. From internships, work placements to industry-led projects and networking opportunities, NCI is committed to preparing students for future success and empowering them to achieve their professional goals.

Professor Jimmy Hill, Vice President of Academic Affairs & Research, meeting and greeting Education in Ireland and South Asia Education Consultants Delegation

The visit to NCI proved to be instrumental in increasing brand awareness of Ireland as an education destination for higher education among South Asian students. By showcasing the exceptional offerings of NCI and highlighting the support services available, the Education Consultants gained invaluable insights to share with prospective students.

"We are confident that this visit will pave the way for more South Asian students to choose NCI as their preferred destination for higher education," Robert Ward, Director of Marketing and International Development, added. "The transformative experiences, cultural immersion, and excellent academic programmes available at NCI make it an ideal choice for those seeking a global education experience."

NCI remains committed to providing international students with an exceptional educational journey, fostering their personal and professional growth, and shaping the leaders of tomorrow. This visit is just one step in building meaningful partnerships and expanding opportunities for students worldwide.

For more information on National College of Ireland and its outstanding programmess and services for international students, please visit