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Friday 24 November - NCI open

NCI will be open on Friday 24 November, with classes operating as scheduled. We recognise the considerable stress and anxiety that last night's events caused for everyone in Dublin, and for all our students and staff. The College will be open today for all who need support. The NCI community is stronger for its diversity.

We recognise and understand that some students and staff may not feel safe travelling through the city centre today. We are also aware that there may be disruption to public transport, and we advise students and staff to follow all travel and safety advice from official sources. We want to assure you that allowances will be made in respect of this and that our first priority is your well-being. If you have a specific assignment or submission due tomorrow, please contact your school for guidance.

We encourage students to contact support services and staff to access the Employee Assistance Programme. Please know that you are not alone and your safety and well-being are our priority.