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  • It is free to register and accessible 24/7   
  • It provides short clips on a range of useful topics, including Why Ireland and NCI, Accommodation, Visas, Life in Dublin etc. 
  • It is a fantastic way to train new counsellors or to refresh existing knowledge 

Why should I use it?

There are many benefits to connecting with NCI on TrainHub. 

  •  You will have more information and confidence to promote NCI to your students meaning better results for you – and for us! 
  •  The training programmes will be available for you to take anywhere, 24/7 
  • NCI TrainHub hold all marketing materials, agent guides and other downloads that you will need to effectively promote and work with NCI. 
  • New colleagues who join your agency can self-train using the NCI training platforms 
  • Counsellors who engage with our training programmes will be invited to complete professional development opportunities led by our faculty in the future. 
  • We will be using TrainHub to recognise and reward our top agencies and counsellors.

How do I register?

Registering to use TrainHub is quick and easy. Most importantly there is no cost involved. You should register as an individual and encourage your colleagues to do the same. 

  • Visit the TrainHub website
  • Using the “Start Now For Free” button in the top right corner of the screen, you can create your agency profile. It is very important that you use your company/work email address (not Gmail etc) that is unique to you. 
  • If your agency already has an account on TrainHub you will see the option to connect with your agency. 
  • If you are the first person in your agency to create a TrainHub account please use “Create New Profile” 
  • Find National College of Ireland in the list of institutions and connect with us. 
  • We will accept your request to connect and then you can take your first NCI training! 

Gabriela Raña from TrainHub's support team is available to assist you with any difficulties you have in setting up your account. You can email Gabriela at We look forward to engaging with you on this exciting new platform.

What is the content?

NCI Counsellor Training - Level 1 (Foundation)

This training has 6 sections to complete:
  1. Ireland 
  2. National College of Ireland - An Overview 
  3. Why NCI? 
  4. NCI Programmes 
  5. How to Apply 
  6. Fees & Scholarships & Cost of Living

NCI Counsellor Training - Level 2 (Proficient) 

This training has 5 sections to complete:
  1. International Student Support at NCI 
  2. Accommodation 
  3. Preparing to Travel 
  4. Arrival & Welcome 
  5. Student Life at NCI

After you complete a training programme you will be able to download a certificate of completion which you can display in your workplace, share with prospective students and highlight on LinkedIn and social media channels.

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