The following guidelines are intended to ensure there is international consistency when communicating about National College of Ireland


Consistency in the brand logo, colours, and font, ensures, brand recognition across all international markets.


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To request a Photoshop file, please email with the subject 'NCI Photoshop File Logo Request'.


The first reference to our name should always be ‘National College of Ireland’. On subsequent references, you may use ‘the college’ (note the small ‘c’) or ‘NCI’.

Use of the acronym ‘NCI’ is to be limited. Our official name is ‘National College of Ireland’, and we do not want to cause confusion or dilute our name recognition by overuse of our initials.

Acronyms should generally not be separated by full stops (periods) or blank spaces. If you use the word ‘the’ before our name, it should not have a capital T.

So for example...

‘I went to National College of Ireland’ (is correct)
‘I went to The National College of Ireland’ (is incorrect)


Genuine approachable and down to earth, honest and open.

Inspiring concerned about the achievement of excellence.

Understanding a partner, paying particular attention to the needs of others; recognising the individual as well as the education.

Committed an ally in the face of difficulties students can face.

Passionate about education and standards.


Changing Lives Through Education




Print: C23 M30 Y100 K1

Pantone: 457



Print: C98 M100 Y0 K43

Pantone: 275

HEX: #241a56


Print: 100% White

HEX: #ffffff

Light Gold

HEX: #fff9e0



Typography - Print

Lucida Sans is the primary typeface for NCI. This should be used on all printed promotional materials.

Using the Font Successfully

Font Family

When to use it

Lucida Sans Regular - Size 10

Main text

Lucida Sans Bold - Size 12

Headings and highlighting information

Lucida Sans Italic - Size 10

Quotes/Highlighting information

Typography - Web

Verdana is the secondary typeface for NCI. This should be used on all web-based materials.

Using the Font Successfully

Font Family

When to use it

Verdana Regular - Size 10

Main text

Verdana Bold - Size 12

Headings and highlighting information

Verdana Italic - Size 10

Quotes/Highlighting information

Tone of Voice

Our tone of voice as per our brand model is “grounded, helpful, professional and engaging”. However, there are some suggested additions when it comes to the tone of voice we use online, particularly for social media. A tone of voice that is also ‘casual’ and ‘friendly’ is recommended, taking care that this does not cross over into hypercasual or flippant (inappropriate jokes or language, textspeak etc.) which would dilute our credibility and could ultimately damage our brand.

Commonly Used Words and Phrases

Academic degrees

  • All degree abbreviations should be uppercase and without periods: BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD etc.

  • The word “degree” should not follow a degree abbreviation (Use “She has a BA in HRM” not “She has a B.A. degree in HRM”).

Alumnus, alumni, alumna, alumnae

  • Alumnus (alumni in the plural) should be used when referring to a man who has attended a school, college or university. Use alumna (alumnae in the plural) when referring to a woman, and alumni when referring to a group of men and women.

am, pm

  • Lowercase, without periods

Ampersand (&)

  • The ampersand can be used in job titles - Careers & Opportunities Officer – and where space is an issue (headers, the web), but should not otherwise be used in place of the word and.

Curricula, curriculum

  • Curriculum is the singular form; curricula is the plural form. 

Graduate, graduand

  • Our students are graduands when they have completed the requirements for, but have not yet been awarded, a particular qualification. After the conferring ceremony, they are graduates.


  • National College of Ireland courses are also referred to as programmes, as opposed to programs. (Where possible, ‘courses’ is the preferred term).

State-of-the-art, part-time, full-time

  • The phrase should be hyphenated when it is used as an adjective, such as “National College of Ireland has a state-of-the-art campus” and “we offer part-time and full-time courses”


Photographs taken for the college represent National College of Ireland and should convey our brand values. Photographs should convey us as professional, welcoming and supportive. Stock photos should be avoided where possible. Poor quality images will only weaken our brand. 

Social Media

The International Department manage a number of official social media profiles; the main channels are:

NCI International Office

NCI International India

NCI International China