Meet and connect with other students before you start your journey at NCI


The Unibuddy Community is a closed messaging group exclusively created for NCI international freshers. This is a safe space to meet and connect with other international students before you start at NCI. Find below some frequently asked questions about the NCI Unibuddy community: 

What can I find in the community?

You will find three groups within the community and they are: 

  • International Support Announcements: In this group, you will receive International Support news, recent updates and links for webinar recordings. 

  • Connect with other Students: connect with other Freshers and make friends before classes start! 

  • Accommodation Chat: connect with other freshers who are looking for accommodation sharing tips, leads and advice with each other. 

How do I join?

On 29th June 2022, International Students who have confirmed their place with a payment will receive an email invitation to join this exclusive NCI community.

Thereafter, every Wednesday during the Pre-Arrival Programme we will continue to invite new students who have recently confirmed their place.    

Students who have confirmed their place and not received an invitation should email

Do I have to join?

NCI Unibuddy community is not mandatory to join but is highly recommended if you wish to connect with other NCI International Freshers starting in September 2022 and make new friends.