Starting at NCI

The Welcome Programme is a combination of events designed to ensure you have all the information you need to help you settle into college life and get established in Ireland. The Welcome Programme starts from the 9th until the 29th January 2023. We encourage students to join as many events as possible to meet new people and to help settle in.

Upcoming Events

We have prepared a mix of in-person and online events delivered to suit you wherever you are in Ireland or arriving shortly. There are three types of events which you can join. The first is a Welcome Meeting scheduled for everyone. The second is highly recommended and, lastly, optional to attend. Learn more about the sessions below:

Welcome Meeting

The Welcome Meeting is a session where you will meet with International Peer Mentors, current NCI students or graduates, allowing you to ask them questions, meet with other new NCI students, and take a campus tour.

Your Welcome Meeting is scheduled upon the completion of the Registration Form. Up to three days before the meeting, we sent you the meeting's time, date and location to your personal email address.

The last in-person welcome meeting in the next intake is 21st January. For students who arrive after the date, to help you get started, we recommend that you review the ‘Getting Started as a new International Student at NCI’ article.

Student Letters

  • Immigration letter: your immigration letter will be sent to you within 3 working days of the welcome meeting via your student email. Please note your student email address should look like this
  • Other letters: from 18th January 2023, you can request other student letters from the NCI360 app. Please note access to this app is based on whether you have submitted your Registration Form and paid your fees in full. Learn more about how to request a letter.

Highly Recommended Meetings

Optional Meetings

Optional meetings are events designed to help connect with new students and explore Dublin and Ireland. Join as many events as possible to meet new people and settle in. Optional meetings are:

  • Know-How sessions to understand how things work in Ireland
  • Out & About sessions to get to know more about Dublin
  • Meet-Up sessions to meet your Peer Mentors and other NCI students

Welcome Programme Schedule

The Welcome Programme will last 3 weeks. It starts officially on the 9th January and finishes on the 29th January. Students who have confirmed their place every Friday in the upcoming weeks will receive a newsletter reminder in their personal emails. The website also will be updated with next week's event schedule every Friday. 

This year's welcome programme has been tailored to suit every student's needs. There will be a mix of in-person, online and hybrid events for students in Ireland or arriving shortly. You can't miss it!

Reminder: All students need to plan to be in Ireland for classes starting on 23rd January 2023.

Photo Competition
Take a shot. We are running a photo competition to document your experience during the welcome programme #NCIClicks. Participate and win prizes!
Share your Feedback
We would love to get your feedback on your journey to NCI so far. The survey is confidential, and the feedback received will be used to improve our training, marketing and communications.
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