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Student Leaders

The purpose of the Student Leader Programme is to introduce an immediate support network for full-time undergraduate first year students and is designed to help students settle into college life by providing guidance and advice through the support of a Student Leader. Student Leaders are full-time undergraduate students in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of study who have experience of life here at NCI. Student Leader can act as as a resource, a helping hand, a sounding board or just a person to talk to whatever the issue might be.


You’ll see Student Leaders around the hallways of NCI – they are instantly recognizable by their hoodies or lanyards, so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions you’d like answered.

Student Leaders 2015
Alan Delaney Student Leader at NCI Alan Delaney
Course of Study: BA (H) in Business
 Student Leader at NCI Ian Arbuckle
Course of Study: BSc (H) in Computing
 Student Leader at NCI Ellen Duggan
Course of Study: Higher Cert in Business
 NCI Student Leader Amy Caulfield
Course of Study BA (H) in HRM
 NCI Student Leader Lisa Reddy
Course of Study: BA (H) in Accounting
 NCI Student Leader Eric Murray
Course of Study: BA (H) in Accounting
NCI Student Leader Azeez Yusuff
Course of Study: Higher Cert in Computing
 NCI Student Leader Stephen Kenny
Higher Cert in Business
 NCI Student Leader Ethan Bradley
BA (H) in Business
 NCI Student Leader Keith Driscoll
Course of Study: Higher Cert in Computing
 NCI Student Leader Alison Moyles
BA (H) in Business
 NCI Student Leader Lola Rubun
Course of Study: BA (H) In HRM

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