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Funded by ICT Skillnet

The 6-month Certificate in Emerging Digital Technologies is part-funded by ICT Skillnet for eligible candidates working in private or commercial semi-state organisations in the Republic of Ireland.

Certificate in Emerging Digital Technologies
This online course will give you an understanding of new technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Fintech and Cybersecurity.
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Funded by IFS Skillnet

The Data Governance and Cybersecurity micro-credential programme is funded by IFS Skillnet which offers the course at a discounted rate of €500 if your organisation is a member of the network.

Data Governance and Cybersecurity
This 12-week course will appeal to those pursuing a career in fintech, cybersecurity, data management or further study in these areas.
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12-Week Software Development Course

Learn to create software applications and gain a great foundation in the computing industry. This short 12-week course can add to your skills and be a stepping stone to further study.

Fundamentals of Software Development
The aim of this short course is to provide learners with the knowledge, skills, and competence to create software applications.