Research & Innovation

Research at National College of Ireland is regarded as a core activity embedded in the academic culture and contributing to the overall mission of the college. Lifelong learning, workplace learning and technology-enhanced learning represent NCI’s historical and current sphere of interest. Within this context, National College of Ireland strives to provide access to quality education at a time, place and pace that meets the learner’s needs.


Research at NCI is spearheaded by the Dean of the School of Business, Dr Colette Darcy, and the Dean of School of Computing, Dr Paul StynesDr Leo Casey, Director of the Centre for Education and Lifelong Learning at NCI, works with the Deans to support and encourage research and learning innovation at National College of Ireland.

NEWTON Project
NEWTON is a large-scale European-funded international project that involves 14 partners from seven countries and is funded under Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme (2016-2019).
ELI Research
The Early Learning Initiative (ELI) recognises action research as a powerful tool for change and improvement at local level and uses this as its primary research methodology.
Psychology Research
Learn more about the expert psychology team at NCI and the variety of research projects they are currently involved in.