Institutional Effectiveness at NCI

Institutional Effectiveness at NCI is a commitment to transparency, consistency and connectivity in decision-making.

QIE seeks to support best practice in decision-making at a programme and institutional level through the production and dissemination of qualitative and quantitative data on NCI's quality, relevance and impact.

The QIE Office strives to provide the NCI Academic Governance and Management Teams with robust and timely data to inform effective academic strategic and operational decision-making.

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NCI’s approach to institutional effectiveness is achieved by aligning the following range of activities to enhance our quality culture.

Quality Improvement and Effectiveness Plan 2019-2024

Our first Quality Improvement and Effectiveness Plan (QIEP) 2019 - 2024,  approved by our Academic Council, is mapped against the six themes of our Academic Strategy (2019-2024) and our actions arising from the 2019 QQI Re-Engagement process. Progress against the QIEP is regularly reviewed by the Executive and Academic Council.