Services available at NCI

If you are on the Autism spectrum or feel you need support, we would encourage you to discuss this with us so we can work with you to support you in your life at NCI.

We want to make sure you can access supports in an open, relaxed and confidential way.

There are a range of supports available at NCI including:

Disability Support

The Disability Officer at NCI liaises with a number of departments across the college on behalf of the students registered with the service. If you are a student at NCI and feel you would benefit from the support of the Disability Officer, get in touch with them today.

Careers Support

The Careers Department at NCI has partnered with Specialisterne, an organisation that works with autistic students to help them find jobs after they have completed their qualification. Students and graduates of NCI can make use of this service. 

Sensory Alerts

The college updates the website when any work or activity is being carried out that may disrupt a visit to the college for anyone who has sensory sensitivities. These updates will be found on the news section of the website.

Sensory Room

The college has built a bespoke Sensory Room for students and staff, designed by Adams Sensory Zones. Containing a sensory pod, mirror walls, bubble tubes and a variety of lighting and sound installations and states, this room also has couches, bean bags and weighted blankets, and generally provides a safe and quiet space for autistic students and staff to self-regulate when they feel overwhelmed. 

If you feel this room would be beneficial to you, contact the Disability Officer.