Learn how NCI and NCISU are working together to implement the framework for consent to protect students and staff against sexual harassment.

NCI Framework for Ending Sexual Violence and Harassment NCISU provides consent education for students, and NCI educates staff.

Launch of the Framework

On International Women’s Day, March 8th 2022, NCI launched our Framework for Ending Sexual Violence and Harassment.

This was done in acknowledgement of the fact that sexual harassment and violence is an everyday issue. A recent Irish survey found that 29% of females, 10% of males and 28% of non-binary students reported non-consensual penetration by incapacitation, force or threat of force. While earlier research has indicted that three in ten women in Irish third level institutions have reported feeling sexually harassed or intimidated, with one in four having experienced unwanted physical contact.

NCI is both a workplace and a place of learning. NCI has a duty of care to both staff and students. We underpin this primarily through our Dignity at Work and Student Policy on the Prevention of Bullying and Harassment, but there was a need to have specific actions addressing the issues of consent, and sexual harassment and violence.

Background to the Framework

In 2018, work started to specifically address the issue of consent. This work was underway when in 2019, Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science of Ireland Simon Harris, called on HEIs to publish Consent Frameworks. We took part in the 2021 national staff and student surveys on sexual violence and sexual harassment and fed our learnings from that into our existing work to create a living document, a policy that will respond as needed, whether that is as our understanding of consent grows, or as the college community grows.

The Consent Framework was developed in 2021/22 and is being actioned by the Consent Working Group, which includes staff of NCI as well as the NCI Students Union.

NCI and NCISU are working together in implementing the action plan. The SU provides consent education for students, and NCI provides education to staff.

Designated Contact People are available to both staff and students to act as approachable first point of contact for anyone in the College who needs to report sexual harassment or violence.

NCI Support Links

If you require any support in relation to these issues please contact any of the below, or NCI’s Designated Contact People.