Reasons to study ECEC

There are many reasons to study Early Childhood Education and Care, from career prospects to personal interest.

Early Childhood Education and Care is a exciting and fascinating area of study. The BA (Honours) in Early Childhood Education and Care at NCI offers a range of interesting and engaging modules from Holistic Child Development to Music Movement, Art and Drama. Students will gain a deep understanding of babies and children from birth to six years of age and will gain the skills and knowledge to work with children and their families during their crucial early childhood years. 

This undergraduate course is available to study during the day when you apply through the CAO and in the evening time when you apply directly.

There are several reasons why you should consider studying ECEC.

It's one of the most important jobs in the world

In terms of human development, the importance of early childhood education cannot be overstated. Early childhood educators teach, nurture and care for children at the the most sensitive and significant stages of their lifelong learning journeys. 

The foundation for lifelong learning and cognitive development is built in the early year's of a child's life and is an essential building block to a child's future success. Early childhood professionals contribute to society by making learning a priority for classes of children from an early age.

Explore how children learn through play 

Study the science of childhood development to find out how children learn through play and exploration. Witness the fascinating process of the development of thinking, speech, social awareness and a sense of personal identity in the early years. 

You will study modules such as Creativity and Play where you will understand how the different types of play support babies, toddlers and children’s holistic development and recognise the purpose and value and play in the early childhood education context.

Develop practical skills in workplace settings 

Experience the full dynamic of early childhood education and care through your placement setting and learn how to connect your knowledge with practical skills. You will spend more than 1,000 hours on placement-related activities when you study early childhood education and care at NCI, where you will plan and develop curriculum  for young children and learn from daily observations. 

You will also learn how to develop strategies to collaborate with other learning professionals and parents and develop a personal and professional identity within the sector throughout the course.

Harness your ‘fun’ self 

Working in ECEC is unlike any other sector. Teaching children requires a special talent for seeing the world through their eyes. This means you will need to act, play, have fun, make art and appreciate the zany world of the imagination. 

You will embrace areas such as music, movement, art and drama and developing an understanding of how these activities foster creativity and create positive learning experiences. It truly is a unique and rewarding profession to work in!

Opens the door to future career options 

BA (Honours) in Early Childhood Education and Care graduates are qualified learning professionals. You will be well equipped to work and to supervise in early learning settings. 

When you finish your undergraduate degree, you can also choose to further your studies through an MA in Educational Practice or a teaching qualification to teach in the Further Education sector where you can continue to develop your knowledge and skills in the development of others.

Have questions about studying ECEC? 

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