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Meet the Team

Careers and Opportunities Officer

Caroline Kennedy - NCI Careers Department

Caroline Kennedy
Email: caroline.kennedy@ncirl.ie
Phone: 01-4498 526
Caseload: BA (Hons) Human Resource Development, BA (Honours) in Accounting and Finance, MA in Human Resource Management



Work Placement Supervisor

Siobhan Mockler
Email: siobhan.mockler@ncirl.ie
Phone: 01-4498 558
Caseload: BSc (Hons) Computing Work Placement, BSc (Hons) Technology Management, BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems, MSc Cyber Security, Higher Cert in Computing Year 1 & 2, BSc (Hons) Computing 1st & 2nd year 


Careers Advisor

Helen Conway Careers Advisor at NCI

Helen Conway
Email: helen.conway@ncirl.ie
Phone: 01-4498 647
Caseload: BSc (Hons) Computing 4th year,  MSc Data Analytics, Msc Cloud, MSc Cyber 



Careers Advisor

Kate Honan – NCI Careers DepartmentKate Honan
Phone: 01-6599 291
Caseload: BA (Hons) Marketing Practice with Work Placement, BA (Hons) Psychology, MSc Marketing, MSc Management, MSc Finance   




Careers Advisor

Karina Septore
Email: Karina.Septore@ncirl.ie
Phone: 01-4498718
Caseload: BA (Hons) Business, Higher Cert in Business, MSc Entrepreneurship Full-time, MSc International Business 


Employer Liaison & Information Assistant 

John Ruigrok - NCI Careers Department

John Ruigrok
Email: john.ruigrok@ncirl.ie
Phone: 01-4498 796 




Springboard & ICT Skills Conversion Work Placement Team:

Work Placement Advisor 

Orla O'Sullivan
Email: orla.osullivan@ncirl.ie
Phone: 01-4498 756
Caseload: Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Mobile Technologies,Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Web Technologies, Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Cloud Computing, Higher Diploma in Science in Software Development, Higher Diploma in Science in Cloud Computing & Certificate in Internet of Things



Work Placement Advisor 

Dawn O'Connor – NCI Careers Department

Dawn O'Connor
Phone: 01-4498 779
Caseload: HD in Science in Data Analytics, HD in Science in Web Technologies, HD in Science in Computing, Software Development specialisation, HD in Science in FinTech and Masters and Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Data Analytics

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