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Telephone Interviews

Succeeding at telephone interviews: Enterprise Rent a Car, CPL, Guidewire - 1.31 minutes

There is a growing trend for employers to use telephone interviews to pre screen candidates.

  • If you receive a call unexpectedly it is probably best to explain you are unable to speak properly and arrange a time to take the call.
  • Take the call in a quiet location where you won’t be interrupted and ideally use a landline.
  • It is not only what you say but also how you say it that creates an impression of you. There are no visual clues unlike a face-to-face interview, so the tone and rhythm of your voice are very important.
  • Smiling whilst you talk really helps to life the tone of our voice and convey an enthusiastic tone.
  • An advantage of a telephone interview is that you can have you CV and some notes in front of you.
  • Be prepared for the usual interview questions.
  • Consider standing throughout the interview. It will help you project energy and reduces the risk of sounding too casual over the phone.

Video Interviews

Tips for completing video interviews: Musgraves, IBEC Global Graduates, Aryzta - 2.33 minutes

  • Video interviews are becoming increasingly common. All candidates are sent a link with 4-5 interview questions that they can answer at their convenience.
  • There is generally an opportunity to do a practice question but once the real interview begins, you can’t rewind or review your answers.  You will generally have 20 seconds to read the question and one minute to answer it.
  • Conduct the video interview in a quiet place.
  • The interviewer will be able to see what is behind you so make sure the room is appropriate.
  • Test the broadband, camera and microphone before starting the interview.
  • Dress in interview attire.
  • Some find talking to a blank screen off putting so it is worth practicing this beforehand.
  • Self-recorded and YouTube video options tend to be used for sales, media or marketing roles. Candidates are invited to upload a film to showcase their personality and presentation skills.

Skype Interviews

  • Dress as you would for a face-to-face interview.
  • Ensure your surroundings are appropriate and that you are in a quiet place.
  • Test Skype – ensure your broadband, microphone, speakers and camera are working correctly
  • Look into the camera and not at the computer screen. Consider turning off the ‘preview’ screen if you find yourself getting distracted by the image of yourself in the corner of the screen.

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