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This is P-TECH!

Event date: 02/06/2022 10:00 - 12:45 Export event

The Centre for Education and Lifelong Learning team at National College of Ireland invite you to join our Festival of Education and Lifelong Learning 1st-2nd June 2022.

When: Thursday 2nd June
Time: 10.00am - 12.45pm
Where: At National College of Ireland

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At this event we introduce the new P-TECH programme. We discuss the background of the P-TECH model and how it has been adapted for Irish education through a committed partnership process. We explore the development of the P-TECH curriculum and highlight some of the programme innovations. Finally, we showcase aspects of the students’ learning and share experiences and reflections from the first year of programme. 

Session Chair: Dr Leo Casey, CELL, NCI 

Part 1: Sowing the Seeds. This part of the session outlines the background of P-TECH, its aims as an educational model and discusses how the work and contribution of the partners that has brought P-TECH to this point in the Irish context. 


  • Dr Leo Casey, CELL, NCI 
  • Aidan Giblin, P-TECH Project Manager

In Part 2, Exploring P-TECH. In this part of the discussion, we will look at the new P-TECH Curriculum and how it was developed. The discussion will also highlight elements of the programme’s teaching & learning approach and will show some examples of student work. 

Contributor: Dr Ita Kennelly, CELL, NCI 

Part 3: Impact and Perspectives on Learning. In this session, presenters from key stakeholders will outline their involvement with the P-TECH programme and will share their reflections on student learning including the programme’s structured work placement for Transition Year. 


  • Yvonne Conaty, P-TECH Industry Programme Manager 
  • Damhnait Digan, Project Specialist, Cisco
  • School Principals, P-TECH Schools, NEIC

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