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Cloud Competency Centre

Located in the heart of International Financial Services Centre in Dublin, the Cloud Competency Centre at the National College of Ireland (NCI) is set to become a global hub of excellence for teaching and research in Cloud Computing. Aimed to support Irish industry taking a lead in the global Cloud Computing space, the Centre provides teaching, research and entrepreneurship skills through a mutually beneficial collaboration of experts from industry and academia.

Our dedicated state-of the art facilities support comprehensive evaluation, grassroots incubation, and seamless adoption of cloud technologies for didactic, commercial, and research purposes. The Centre's purposeful settings foster innovative thinking to fully harness the potential of cloud computing.

NCI's Cloud Competency Centre is bringing forth tangible high-impact synergies across the world. We are actively collaborating with key educational and industrial partners to continuously enhance our instruction, research, and commercial portfolio beyond the traditional boundaries of academia.

Choosing how to effectively embrace cloud computing is one of the most important decisions you will make. We therefore invite you to join us, so that you can experience first-hand what makes us such a singular industry-academy ecosystem.

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