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How To Apply

Once you choose your course, the application process is very easy to follow. Make a formal application to NCI using the guide on the following pages.

It is important to send in as much of the requirements as possible in the initial application. We can however accept applications where final transcripts or English language tests are not yet available. At this stage, you may also apply for a scholarship.

Receive Your Offer And Accept Your Place

If you meet our academic requirements, NCI will email you an offer.

  • A conditional offer means that you will still have further evidence to provide, and the details will be included in your offer letter
  • An unconditional offer means that you have met all of our entry requirements

To confirm your place at NCI, you must formally accept your offer. To do so, you need to pay a €1,000 deposit. This deposit secures both your place and any scholarship you may have been awarded. Scholarships are only assigned to students once a deposit has been paid.

Pay Your Fees

Overseas international students must pay their tuition fees in full before they apply for their visa. Students will not be registered in the college without having paid their fees in full prior to arriving in Dublin.

Sponsored students are students with an official financial sponsor. They must provide official evidence of financial sponsorship.

Apply For Your Visa

If you require an entry visa to Ireland, you will need to begin your visa application as soon as possible. NCI strongly recommends using one of our selected partners to help with this process. Details of our partners for your country are available online. Students who confirm their place will be sent a guide, which includes some useful tips on visa applications

Plan Your Journey & Accommodation

There are many flight options for students coming to Dublin. Most students will choose to travel through one of the major hubs, such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Amsterdam or London. However, by using a website like Skyscanner, you can look at many different options and possibly save money. The sooner you book your flights, the cheaper they will be.

Accommodation in Dublin can fill up very quickly. Once a student confirms their place with NCI, we will send them a guide on accommodation which outlines prices and on campus/ off campus options.

Let Us Know

Finally, once you have your visa, flights booked and accommodation sorted, it is important to tell us when you are arriving. We offer a complimentary airport pick up to Dublin city centre for all international students. Even if you do not require this service, by telling us when you are arriving it allows us to organise your welcome meetings and induction into the college.

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