Refund Policy for international students


This Refund Policy refers to new international students who applied to NCI from outside Ireland, who require a student visa to reside in Ireland and are in their first year of studies.

It does not apply to international students who are already residing in Ireland or who have previously resided in Ireland on a student visa.  In these cases, it is the students' responsibility to ensure their visa renewal will be approved.  If the students' visa is refused, in this instance students' should refer to the standard NCI refund policy 

This policy is in line with Ireland’s immigration regulations.  Any administration charges cover a range of costs that include but are not limited to, counselling, application processing, receipts, bank charges, international office support, recruitment costs and opportunity costs.

NCI will provide a refund for tuition fees paid, less an administration charge if a student: Administration charge
If a programme does not run, an applicant will be offered a full refund with no administration charge                 €0
Receives an Entry Visa Refusal - having submitted a full and *complete visa application
Fails to meet NCI’s academic or English language requirements


Decides not to take up their place,  more than 4 weeks before the start date for their programme


Decides not to take up their place, less than four weeks before the start date for their programme


Decides not to take up their place or withdraws from the programme within the first six weeks from the start date for their programme


Where a student decides to withdraw from the programme for any reason after the first six weeks from the start date for their programme, no refund will be provided. Please see withdrawal procedure below. 

* Where an applicant has submitted an incomplete visa application or an application, which NCI deems to have been purposely submitted, in order for it to be rejected, we reserve the right to charge the relevant administrative fee based upon the timing of the rejection and refund application.

Applicants should note that rejected visas could significantly hinder any future visa applications. A refused visa can stop applicants from applying for a visa to Ireland for a further five years and visa rejections must be declared on all future visa applications for any country in the world that applicants wish to travel to.

Refund Requests

  • Students from visa required Countries, who obtain a multi entry visa sticker to travel to Ireland based on their studies at NCI, must surrender their visa sticker. 
  • Refunds are processed by NCI within 20 working days from receipt of a complete refund request and supporting documents.  
  • Refunds will only be issued back to the originating bank of initial payments.  

To apply for a refund a Refund Request Form will have to be submitted to together with supporting documentation.

Visa refusal: 

  1. Visa refusal letter from Irish Embassy
  2. Payment confirmation receipt(s) from the originating bank account (sometimes called *Swift Receipt or *MT103 )
  3. NCI payment receipt(s).  

Fail to meet English language/academic requirements: 

  1. English language certificate or academic documents 
  2. Payment confirmation receipt(s) from the originating bank account (sometimes called *Swift Receipt or *MT103)
  3. NCI payment receipt(s).

All other reasons

  1. Payment confirmation receipt(s) from the originating bank account (sometimes called *Swift Receipt or *MT103)
  2. NCI payment receipt(s).
  3. Boarding Pass / Passport Stamp as proof the student has returned to their home Country.  

* Your payment confirmation receipt(s) (Swift Receipt or MT103) must show the originating bank details -  this article explains more about the Swift or MT103.  If not we will require a copy of the bank statement for the account showing the payment to NCI.


If a student considers a course withdrawal, we highly recommend they speak to a member of the international Team or Learning & Teaching Office in order to be informed of all options available to them. 

To withdraw from the course the student must do the following: 

  • Complete the Programme Withdrawal Form
  • Return their NCI student card to the International Office 
  • Inform Immigration. Students who have registered with immigration in Ireland, based on their student registration at NCI, must inform immigration that they have withdrawn from NCI.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Refunds will be reimbursed in Euro or in the same currency as the fees were originally demanded and via the same payment method as the original payment was made. In the case of bank transfer, refunds must be issued to a bank account in the country of origin of the original payment(s).
  2. Where the applicant is requesting a refund on the basis of a visa refusal, failure to meet entry requirements, a refund will only be processed once all supporting evidence has been provided to NCI.
  3. Where an offer was made, based on incorrect or incomplete information being supplied by a student, having registered at NCI, no refund will be provided.
  4. Where a student has paid for a multiple courses, semesters or pathways, but fails to progress, refunds will be provided on a pro-rata basis unless the breakdown of fees is otherwise stated.
  5. A student whose entitlement to attend a programme is terminated due to academic misconduct or antisocial behaviour, no refund will be provided.
  6. A student in breach of government regulation or rules governing his/her student status in Ireland, no refund will be provided.
  7. A student who is convicted of a criminal offence in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Ireland no refund will be provided.
  8. The business owner for the refund policy is the Head of International Development, Olivia Moss.