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Entry Requirements





Qualification Leads to entry into
SSCE plus a recognised Foundation programme in a suitable subject area 
Year 1 of Bachelors degrees
A recognised International Foundation course from an Irish/UK institution. Entry requirements vary but we normally ask for between 60% and 65% 
Year 1 of Bachelors degrees
SSCE plus one or more years of undergraduate studies at a reputable Nigerian university with an average CGPA of 3.2  Year 1 of Bachelors degrees
(Ordinary) National Diploma (OND/ND) with upper credit or distinction  Year 1 of Bachelors degrees
 Higher National Diploma with credit Year 1 of Bachelors degrees 
 Higher National Diploma (HND) with upper credit or distinction Possibly year 2 of Bachelors degrees 


Entry onto Postgraduate programmes

If you are applying for a Masters (e.g. MA, MSc, MBA) programme at NCI, you will be required to meet the English Language Requirements and will typically have one of the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree from a recognized institution with an award of 2.2 or higher, depending on subject area 
  • HND plus a Postgraduate Diploma with high grades.
  • Applicants without a first degree but with 5–7 years relevant work experience may also be considered on an individual basis for some Masters programmes 
  • A degree from a recognized Nigerian university may be accepted as evidence of English proficiency for most of our postgraduate 


Representatives in your country


Our representatives in your country

Local Partner Cities Website
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Drums School Finders  Abuja, Calabar  http://www.school-finders.co.uk/ 
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Harvestfield Educational Services  Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt  http://harvestfieldedu.com/ 
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