Entry Requirements




Qualification Leads to entry into
SSCE plus a recognised Foundation programme in a suitable subject area  Year 1 of Bachelors degrees
A recognised International Foundation course from an Irish/UK institution. Entry requirements vary but we normally ask for between 60% and 65%  Year 1 of Bachelors degrees
SSCE plus one or more years of undergraduate studies at a reputable Nigerian university with an average CGPA of 3.2  Year 1 of Bachelors degrees
(Ordinary) National Diploma (OND/ND) with upper credit or distinction  Year 1 of Bachelors degrees
 Higher National Diploma with credit Year 1 of Bachelors degrees 
 Higher National Diploma (HND) with upper credit or distinction Possibly year 2 of Bachelors degrees 


Entry onto Postgraduate programmes

If you are applying for a Masters (e.g. MA, MSc, MBA) programme at NCI, you will be required to meet the English Language Requirements and will typically have one of the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree from a recognized institution with an award of 2.2 or higher, depending on the subject area 
  • HND plus a Postgraduate Diploma with high grades.
  • Applicants without a first degree but with 5–7 years relevant work experience may also be considered on an individual basis for some Masters programmes 
  • A degree from a recognized Nigerian university may be accepted as evidence of English proficiency for most of our postgraduate 

Representatives in Your Country

Our representatives in your country

Local Partner Cities Contact
Rainbow Consulting Abuja and Office in Ireland rainbowconsulting12@gmail.com
Telephone: +234 90 811 89515
WhatsApp:+353 89 974 2375 
T & D Educational Abuja tanddeducational@gmail.com
WhatsApp:+234 706 259 9009 
YesYou Can Consults Abuja niyi.wilfred@yesyoucanng.com 
WhatsApp: +234 802 599 9324 
Brave Genius Abuja(Jabi) bravegeniuserl@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +234 806 568 1222 
JYC Consults Abuja and Office in Ireland collins@jycconsults.com
WhatsApp:+353 87 273 2927 
JO Study Ireland Warri jotripadvisory@gmail.com
Michael Educational Consults Abuja and Office in Ireland Contact@michaelconsults.com
WhatsApp: +353892313934 
RUC Education Abuja(Wuse 2), Lagos (Ikeja), Kano dfunsho@regaluno.com
WhatsApp:+234 706 731 2252 
Espellumsprings Nigeria Ibadan, Abuja espelum.spring@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +234 806 976 6484 
Champions Pitch Consulting Lagos (Ikeja) oladejo44@gmail.com
WhatsApp:+234 809 948 6048 
Riabisel Lagos (Ikeja) jude.akporumeta@riabisel.com
WhatsApp: +234 806 050 4702 
SB Consults Lagos (Ikeja) info@sbconsult.com.ng
WhatsApp:+234 915 554 8880 
Study Across Globe Lagos (Ikeja) emmanuel.gbadega@studyacrossglobe.com
Telephone: +234 806 500 7668 
TGM Education Lagos (Ikeja) ikj@tgmeducation.com 
VisaGate Consulting Lagos (Ikeja) info@visagcl.com
WhatsApp:+234 805 474 0022 
Ireland Edu Consulting Lagos (Ikeja and VGC), Port Harcourt, Enugu www.irelandeduconsult.com
WhatsApp: +234 703 138 1646 
Ashley & George Education Consult Lagos (Ikoyi) ashleyandgeorge.educonsult@gmail.com 
CIC Educational Lagos (Ikoyi) ciceduc@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +234 806 569 4721 
Le Niveau Consult Ltd Lagos (Lagos Island), Enugu consult.leniveau@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +234 803 337 0339 
ICAS Lagos (Ikeja) icasnigeria@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +234 806 949 3542 
Virtue Consultancy Services Lagos (Sabo Yaba) virtueconsult68@yahoo.com
WhatsApp:+234 803 307 0157 
LinkProConsult Lagos (VI) and Office in Ireland admin@linkproconsult.com
WhatsApp: +353 87 744 2271 
Sable International Lagos (Ikeja), Abuja nigeria@sableinternational.com
Ikeja Chika Esom
Phone: +234 703 783 5550
Abuja Ruth Daniel
Phone: +234 915 919 8997
Ladder To Success Lagos(Ikeja), Abuja (NACA), Enugu, PH, Office in Ireland info@laddertosuccess.com
WhatsApp:+353 86 852 3397 
SI-UK Lagos, Abuja lagos@studyin-uk.com, abuja@studyin-uk.com 
Intake Education Lagos, Abuja, PH, Kano, Ibadan, Enugu ifeoluwa@intake.education
WhatsApp:+234 705 393 1564 

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