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Let’s Talk Business: Final Year Marketing Practice Students Chat to Myra Gleeson on Near FM!

On Monday, May 27th, 2024, following the success of the NCI X Shopify Pop-Up Event that took place in Swords Pavilions Shopping Centre over the weekend, some of our final year Marketing Practice students had the fantastic opportunity to speak to Myra Gleeson live on Near FM. 


Near FM’s ethos is to educate, inform, and entertain. The station provides listeners with a broad range of programming from talk shows to radio dramas, to music across all genres, so it was brilliant that NCI students had the opportunity to speak about their experiences participating in the Shopify Pop-Up event as well as sharing details about course life at National College of Ireland. 


We want to say thank you to Myra Gleeson and the Near FM team for having us, as well as saying congratulations and well done to the students who participated. We look forward to being in the studio again soon. 

Katie Guyatt Thompson and Ava D’Arcy were on air representing Síoda & Co. 

This haircare company founded by Olivia Fearon, Katie Guyatt Thompson, and Ava D’Arcy aims to make people feel their best by providing the highest quality silk haircare materials. Take a closer look at Síoda & Co's products on TikTok. 

Aoife Robertson was on air representing Pearle Candles. 

This candle company run by Aoife Robertson, Laura Clarke, and Shauna Lindsay will change the way you light candles forevermore. Pearle Candles have elevated safety and sustainability because the self-extinguishable candles that burn out instantly if they got tipped over can be reused repeatedly. Learn more about Pearle Candles on TikTok.

Matthew Foy Daly was on air representing Silent Signs. 

This beautiful jewellery line that celebrates sign language was founded by Ruairi Power and Matthew Foy Daly. Each piece is crafted with passion and precision. Wearers are encouraged to embrace the cause and celebrate the power of a silent gesture and non-verbal communication You can browse the website

Charlotte Connaughton was on air representing Glow & Grow Candles.
This mindfulness-focused brand was created by Ava Taylor and Charlotte Connaughton. Glow & Grow Candles will bring peace and inspiration to any space in the home or office. These 100% natural candles will fill your home with soft, soothing scents, allowing you to relax and unwind. You can follow Glow & Grow Candles on Instagram. 


The students also had opportunity to discuss the wonderful guidance they have received, not only from their lecturers at NCI, but from Ian Hunter from Swords Pavilions Shopping Centre and Gary Mullen from Shopify. The students felt that having the chance to speak to people in the workplace, people who thoroughly understand their goals was hugely beneficial to their studies. These real-life insights are a huge part of the practical approach that NCI offers, because at NCI, students are encouraged to engage in their chosen subject in a hands-on, practical way alongside the theory so that when they graduate, they have tangible experiences that will help them thrive in the workplace. 


The BA (Honours) in Marketing Practice programme is an impressive 3-year course, designed to give students a practical learning experience where they will develop tangible skills that they will go on to utilize in the workplace. For further information, please visit the BA (Honours) in Marketing Practice course page.


Myra was extremely impressed with our students, and we are sure that listeners will be impressed too. If you missed the live interview, you could listen again at your leisure by tuning into Near FM’s Listen Again Podcast. 

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