This research stream focuses on all aspects of psychology related to health, well-being and cognition. Health and well-being are inextricably linked with numerous factors influencing both, with cognitive health recognised as a key contributor. Other factors that influence health, well-being and cognition include sleep, mindfulness, physical activity, illness, stress and psychopathology.

Researchers operating within this research stream typically work to identify risk and protective factors that contribute to varying outcomes in the domains of health, well-being and cognition; and aim to design, develop and evaluate interventions that result in improved outcomes for those with whom we work.

The focus of research in this stream is also to support collaboration and networking between researchers interested in any topics related to health, well-being and cognition. Examples of relevant topics include (but are not limited to) healthy cognitive aging, brain health, dementia, loneliness in older adulthood and cognitive reserve.


The research labs currently active in this research stream include: