As faculty members at NCI, we are both teachers and researchers. Therefore, it is not surprising that we rely on evidence to develop our classroom materials. We draw on current scientific findings to design innovative classes and learning experiences.

Additionally, we are interested in developing strategies to teach that stretch our students to learn. We evaluate what works for students’ optimal learning. We are interested in issues such as:

  • How people learn in various settings;
  • How teaching can be both compassionate and challenging;
  • What techniques or interventions can enhance student learning and outcomes;
  • What training or mentoring interventions enhance student learning;
  • How can high-impact educational experiences increase retention and learning.

We design and evaluate our educational practices with students across their lifespan. Our team has evaluated teaching practices with secondary students, college students, students studying internationally, and trainees completing their postdoctoral fellowships. As researchers, we are committed to further understanding how students at NCI, and beyond, can learn and flourish during their education and training.

Recent Representative Publications by NCI Colleagues (names in bold)

* Denotes a student co-author

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