Interested in attending NCI in September? You can submit an application for Available Places on the CAO website.

Available Places Available Places: Another Chance to Study at NCI in September


What is Available Places?

Available Places is a facility that highlights places that are still available on selected programmes for CAO Applicants. This means you still have the option to choose to study at NCI in September!

There are a number of courses currently available on the Available Places facility, which can be viewed on our Available Places Courses page. 

Who can apply for Available Places?

If you have already applied to the CAO this year but you have not selected the courses offered on Available Places then you can submit an Available Places application free of charge. You can also make an Available Places application if you haven't applied to the CAO before now for a fee of €45.

Watch this video for further information:

What are the minimum requirements?

Applicants do not need to meet the points requirements for these courses however, students need to meet the minimum entry requirements for the courses selected. Visit the course pages listed on our Available Places Courses and click the 'Minimum Entry Requirements' tab to find this information.

When are applications open?

The Available Place facility will open on 31st August at 12:00 noon. Keep an eye on the CAO website for any updates.

How can I apply for a place?

If you are an existing CAO applicant, you can insert the courses listed on the Available Places Courses page into your current application in the 'My Application' section on the CAO website. New applicants need to visit the Available Places to submit an application.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you should place your course choices in order of preference, similar to your original application. Watch the video above for more details.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our courses listed under Available Places, you can contact our School Liaison Officer, Karen Campbell, directly by emailing and she will be happy to help!

Available Places Courses
Check out the courses available on this year's Available Places facility.