The work placement process explained in detail - along with advice to make the most of every stage.

Pre-placement process


Contact the NCI Work Placement Office to discuss your requirement.

Job Description

Prepare and forward the detail of your role(s) - this should be a short job description including the following:

  • Company Name
  • About Us (Company Profile)
  • Location
  • Job Title
  • Job Description & Duties
  • Min skills Required/Preferred.
  • Hours of Work
  • Pay rate

Advertise job

Details of all opportunities are advertised to the classes by the Work Placement Office. We encourage employers to consider the benefits of taking more than one student. Students express their interest in the opportunity to the work placement office within two working days.

Review CVs

The Work Placement Office forwards CVs to the organisation. The organisation selects students to interview (organisations are advised to interview as soon as possible after receipt of CVs, as students may be placed elsewhere in the intervening period).

Interview and select

The Work Placement Office contacts students and organises all interviews. The organisation selects students they wish to offer work placements to. All work placement offers must be made via the Work Placement Officer. Students can apply to several organisations but must accept the first firm offer of placement made to them via the Work Placement Office.

Contracts and agreements

The college strongly advises that organisations issue a fixed-term contract of employment together with details on their policies/work practice procedures to students. We request that you also forward this completed to the college for our records. A tri-party agreement will be signed whereby the college, the student and the employer sign and pledge their intention for a successful placement.

Be a guest speaker

We would also be delighted to welcome you to National College of Ireland to participate in the “guest speakers from industry” series that we run throughout the academic year.

During the placement process

Induction – week one

The student’s placement should commence with an induction process which will familiarise them with the company, culture, working practices and health & safety. The benefits of having an induction far outweigh the initial effort required. (See our Employer Brochure for a sample induction schedule).

Monitor and guide the progress of the student(s)

It is recommended that you allocate some time at least once a week to sit with the student. This meeting should be supportive in nature providing sufficient instruction to maximise their contribution during placement.

Review and sign the student's weekly and monthly reports

Work supervisors must approve and sign the student’s Weekly Log, Monthly Learning Report and Final Work Placement Report.

Site visit by the college

The college will schedule a site visit to your office approximately midway through the placement. In some instances, a visit may not be possible and in such circumstances the assessment may be conducted by phone.

Issues with the student during placement

Please notify the Work Placement Office immediately should you experience any issues with a work placement student.

End of placement process


Employer’s feedback will be sought on completion of the work placement. Information such as whether they would consider rehiring the student, any improvements that could be made to the placement program or any feedback on course module design is welcome.

Further employment

Employers wishing to retain work placement students for further employment should discuss the options available with the NCI Work Placement Office.


Nominate your student for the NCI Tech Intern of the Year Award. Details available from the NCI Placement Office.