Our work placement students along with a number of employers have provided fantastic feedback on their experience in this process.

Female student at careers fair

Student Testimonials

Shauna Lawlor: Telefonica

This placement has given me a fantastic insight into a multinational HR environment and recruitment in particular. The quality of work I have been exposed to is far beyond my expectations. I have recently been given responsibility for a much larger region and am now resourcing for over 35 stores in Greater London across a range of levels from tech experts (Guru’s) up to Managerial positions. My team leader is so supportive and I am moving specialism next month to broaden my HR exposure. This has opened my eyes to the opportunities available to me after graduation and I have benefitted both personally and professionally through the work placement. 

Dominika Rutkowska: Syncreon

Through my placement at Syncreon, I now have a true insight into business practices and understand how a multinational finance department is organised and run. I decided to do work placement as in my opinion is a great opportunity to learn from professionals, put gained knowledge into practice and get valuable experience and all of these hopes have been realised.  I have really improved my organisation, teamwork and communication skills. 

Jill Coogan: Ryanair

My work placement has developed my love for HR. I am the HR point of contact for 7 bases across Europe which has given me a fantastic insight to all aspects of HR in Ryanair. Whilst developing my HR expertise I have also developed skills in strategic management, communication, planning and prioritising.  I believe the experience I have gained on placement will benefit me greatly when I graduate.

Sunil Bhattarai: Goal

My work placement helped me to ground my theoretical knowledge in practice. I am enjoying working as a part of a highly efficient team and build my network. I have significantly improved my attention to detail, analytical, interpreting and critical analysing skills. The placement has increased my understanding and awareness of the world of work and has accelerated my personal maturity. I am looking forward to training as an accountant after I graduate! 

Sean Buckley: IEDR

My time on work placement was fantastic, over the year I learned so much and came out of it with many great experiences, and lots of new friends and colleagues. It gave me a great insight into what it's all about to work in the (real life) workplace, something that you can't learn in lectures in college. I found myself with so much more free time in the evenings due to having no college assignments/projects, this gave me the opportunity to get my driver's licence and also learn how to play the piano! Though I left many of my colleagues behind as they finished out the course, I have no regrets as the placement was such a worthwhile experience and learning for me. 

Employer Testimonials

Eamon Gallagher: Managing Director - IT.ie

Rarely do you stumble upon an individual like Josh who is a natural problem solver. His amiable and professional manner coupled with this innate ability makes him perfect for a successful career in IT. I genuinely wish him well with his final year of studies and leave the door firmly open for his return should he wish to do so.  

Gerry Murray: Manager (EMEA) - Kaseya 

I found that the whole process was very straightforward. When we decided to accept the work placement student we had no idea what to expect. Very quickly he demonstrated that he was enthusiastic and committed to learning new skills. His technical skills are good and are complemented by excellent interpersonal skills. From day one he fitted in well in our team environment and was quickly able to gain respect and kudos from the team.  

Elizabeth Kelly: Senior Manager - Enclude 

Our work placement student was outstanding in both technical ability and soft skills (not always the easiest mix to find).  He was very self-driven and happy to research solutions if we gave him a problem to research.  He was willing to do anything and everything from updating the website to Office 365 research to hardware upgrades.  We have already mentioned to him we would be delighted to work with him again if a position became available.  He was a great team player, and a pleasure to work with. 

Emily Kane: QA Manager - Ding 

Our work placement student was an excellent intern. I was very happy with the work he did on trying to stabilise an automation project that had some issues. He worked hard and was very pleasant and polite to work with. He volunteered to take on another product and team in his last month which showed a willingness to be a team player. He found a number of defects while working on the new team and collaborated with other QA to resolve the issues. Both teams he worked on were very happy with this work. He will have a successful career. 

Philip Choules: Application Manager - Ergo

I was very impressed by our work placement student, he made huge impact in a short time – he had a great attitude and was a self-starter and very active in his learning. He was placed into an area he had no knowledge of initially, we guided him through Dynamic CRM and he hit the ground running. We then brought him more in line with aspects of his college course and professional development (.Net dev). He became a central part of the team – we leveraged his knowledge in lots of areas and he had a very professional approach to his role.