Deferral Information

Please note that students are not permitted to proceed into the next stage of their programme of study until all modules from each stage are successfully completed. If you are considering applying for a deferral please read this document before applying for a deferral.

Please be advised that deferral requests need to be submitted online via our NCI360 system, here are instructions on what to do once you have logged in. The system will allow you to upload a scanned copy/photograph of your supporting documentation (Not applicable at this time due to Covid specific arrangements). We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible after your completed application is received, please note the normal turnaround time of ten working days may be extended during exam sessions.

Deferrals are granted at the Registrar's discretion. 

What Type of Deferrals are Available?

Assessment Deferral

  • Defers an assessment or examination worth 40% or more of a module.
  • A number of assessments/examinations can be deferred from different modules.
  • If granted the assessment/examination will need to be completed in the next sitting/repeat exam session for that module in the same academic year.
  • On NCI360 select ‘Application for Examination/Major Project Deferral Form’

Module Deferral

  • Defers a whole module or number of modules of a programme.
  • If granted the module will need to be completed in the following academic year.
  • On NCI360 select ‘Application for Programme or Module Deferral’.

Programme Deferral

  • Defers the completion of the programme until the next academic year.
  • Any modules already completed do not have to be repeated and any marks attained from modules not yet completed are carried forward.
  • On NCI360 select ‘Application for Programme or Module Deferral’.


Students need to be mindful that it may not be possible to grant an extension given the current QQI examination board dates. All student marks must be presented at exam boards for a student to progress/graduate. Therefore, if a student’s marks are not presented at an exam board due to an extension then they will not be able to progress/graduate. Your programme co-ordinator will advise you if an extension request is possible in light of exam board dates:

  • An extension can be applied for where a limited amount of extra time is required to complete an assessment.
  • A rerun can be requested for any in class assessment(s) which was scheduled to take place on or after the 12th of March.
  • Extensions cannot be granted for Terminal Alternative Assessments or for the 4th Year Software Project module.
  • On NCI360 select ‘Application for Coursework Extension/Rerun’.