Exam regulations at NCI

The following documents and guidelines outline the current exam regulations at NCI.

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Pass by Compensation rule

  • The pass by compensation range is 35% - 39%.
  • The pass by compensation rule can only be applied to a full set of results as approved by the Board of Examiners.
  • The rule can only be applied if you have attempted all modules in the stage and it is your first sitting. Therefore it cannot be applied in a sitting of repeat attempts at passing a module.
  • The rule WILL NOT apply if ANY of your individual module results is a mark below 35%. In this case all module results below 40% must be repeated.
  • The rule can only be applied to a maximum of 20 credits out of a 60 credit stage. 
  •  It is not possible to pass by compensation for Dissertation / Research Project.
  • The rule can only be applied if you will PASS the stage overall.
  • The total number of marks, above the pass mark (40%), gained in the modules passed must at least equal double the difference of the marks being considered for compensation. e.g. one mark of 36% and one mark of 37% would mean you have a deficiency of 7 marks. Therefore, in order to be considered for compensation you would need a total of 14 marks above the pass mark in the aggregate of the other passed modules.
  • NB: BA (Hons) in Psychology – Please note there is no pass by compensation for the BA (Hons) in Psychology Stage 3 and Stage 2 programmes.

If you have any queries regarding the pass by compensation rule, please contact the Examinations Office by submitting a request on the NCI Support Hub .

Repeating in your award year

Please note that if you fail a module in your award year and have to repeat it, your overall will be capped at a PASS.